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PCDA Composition Competition 2022

(one submission form per entry)

  • One (1) entry per cloud folder

  • Cloud folder should be accessible by anyone with the URL submitted

  • Files that should be in your cloud folder:

    • 2 PDF files​ of the submitted work

    • 2 MP3 files of the submitted work

    • High resolution colored photo of the composer applicant

    • Proof of Filipino Citizenship (Passport, Driver's License, etc.)

    • Write-up or description of the composition (optional)

    • If payment has been made, Proof of Payment of Registration Fee

Are you an Active PCDA Member?
Preferred Payment Method/s for Registraton Fee
  • I am a Filipino Citizen.

  • I have read and understood the Guidelines & Mechanics of the PCDA Composition Competition 2022.

  • Submitted work is an original composition of the person whose name appears on this form.

  • Copyright shall remain with all collaborators involved in the submitted work.

  • All winners and selected entries will be under a five-year exclusive publication contract under the PCDA Choral Series and MUZIKSEA.

  • Each publication contract will be signed, agreed upon and notarized separately.

  • By the end of each publication contract, all rights will revert back to the composer and lyricist unless renewed by PCDA and MUZIKSEA.

Thanks for submitting an entry!
Please expect to receive a confirmation message.
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