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PCDA Composition Competition 2022



  • Encourage the creation of new Filipino choral works

  • Enrich Philippine choral literature

  • Champion Filipino compositions by making them available worldwide


The competition is open to all Filipino citizens of legal age, whether living in the Philippines or abroad.


The Philippine Choral Directors Association (PCDA) Composition Competition is offered in three categories:

Mixed Choir

(maximum of 8 voices)

SATB, Accompanied (Piano) or unaccompanied; with optional addition of (un)pitched percussion instruments

Treble Choir

(maximum of 4 voices)


Accompanied (Piano) or unaccompanied; with optional addition of (un)pitched percussion instruments

Men's Choir

(maximum of 6 voices)

Accompanied (Piano) or unaccompanied; with optional addition of (un)pitched percussion instruments

Solos must not constitute more than 50% of the composition.


  • Applicants may submit at least one (1) original composition to any or all competition categories.

  • Musical arrangements will not be accepted.

  • Entries should have a duration of between three (3) to five (5) minutes only.

  • The work must not have been performed, not published in any form, and not awarded a prize from any award-giving body.

  • All winners and selected entries will be under a five-year exclusive publication contract under the PCDA Choral Series and MUZIKSEA.

  • Each publication contract will be signed, agreed upon and notarized separately.

  • By the end of each publication contract, all rights will revert back to the composer and lyricist unless renewed by PCDA and MUZIKSEA.

Submission Requirements

  • Applicants must submit the following inside a single cloud service folder (GDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and must be sent on or before August 31, 2022.

  • Two (2) copies of the complete full score in PDF format.

    • PDF # 1 – File Name: (Composer’s Last Name)_(Title of Work)_(Category)

      • (the composer’s full name must also appear on the score itself)

    • PDF # 2 – File Name: (Title of Work)_(Category)

      • (the composer’s name should NOT appear anywhere on the score)

  •  Two (2) mp3 files (320kbps) of the complete work.

    • MP3 # 1 – File Name: (Composer’s Last Name)_(Title of Work)_(Category)

    • MP3 #2 – File Name: (Title of Work)_(Category)


Only MIDI realizations and not live recordings should be submitted. Again, this will have no bearing on the adjudication.

  • Applicants must submit a high resolution colored photo and a valid document stating their citizenship (e.g. passport, government-issued ID, etc.)

  • All scores should be digitally encoded. Handwritten manuscripts will not be accepted.

  • Applicants are strongly urged to include a clean keyboard reduction of the voice parts for easier reading. However, the keyboard reduction will have no bearing in the adjudication of each entry.

  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a short write-up or description of the composition that they have submitted.


  • Contestants are expected to pay a registration fee for each entry as shown below:

    • Five Hundred Philippine Pesos (Php 500.00) for PCDA members

    • One Thousand Philippine Pesos (Php 1,000.00) for non-PCDA members

  • Deposit slip or screenshot of bank deposit as proof of payment for non-refundable registration fee.

BANCO DE ORO Account Number: 0010 - 7017 - 2934

BANCO DE ORO Account Name: Philippine Choral Directors Association, Inc.

  • Include the participant’s complete name and category and submit at


  • All entries must be submitted on or before August 31, 2022 until 11:59PM (GMT+8).

  • Announcement of Winners will be on September 30, 2022.



  • There shall only be one (1) winner per category.

  • Each winning composer shall receive Php 40,000 (net).


Three other compositions for each category will be named the Jury's Choice Award and will be published. Note, however, that no prize money shall be given to the chosen compositions.


A panel of renowned composers and choral experts will review all entries and determine the winners. The jury reserves the right to NOT declare category winner(s). An ex-aequo prize may be given, which will be shared among all the winners of the same category. The decision of the jury is final and cannot be appealed.

2022 PCDA Composition Competition Committee 

Jude Edgard Balsamo

Stephen Lagarde

Oliver Rodriguez

Jude Roldan

Mary Katherine Trangco

Maria Theresa Vizconde-Roldan

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