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Holding Notes

International Conductors Exchange Program

Application period opens 15th May 2024.
The deadline to apply is 14th July 2024.

The International Conductors Exchange Program (ICEP) provides opportunities for the rising generation of choral leaders as ambassadors to the world in the exchange of music, ideas, and cultures. Coordinated with ACDA’s International Activities Commitee, the program has connected choral conductors in the United States with counterparts in Cuba, China, Sweden, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay, Kenya, South Africa, and Germany. Between 2012 and 2024, 69 U.S. conductors have participated in the exchange program, hosting an international conductor, and traveling abroad to observe and lead rehearsals (or performances), present lectures and master classes, attend conferences, as well as other activities.

ACDA & PCDA are pleased to announce that in 2025, the International Conductors Exchange Program (ICEP) will be in partnership with the Philippines. In 2024, six (6) American and six (6) Filipino conductors will be selected to participate in a bilateral, mutual exchange to take place in 2025. Conductors will be paired based on backgrounds and interests, and will visit each other’s choral communities, sharing techniques, and learning best practices.

Residencies in the United States will be centered around their 2025 ACDA National Conference (March 18-21, 2025). US conductors will also host their Filipino counterparts in their region. ACDA will cover the one-way transportation of the visiting conductor, either to or from Dallas, depending on whether the region visit takes place before or after the national conference. Each pair decides with each other what the schedule should be for the region visit. Typically, the total length of the residencies is 9-10 days (4 days at the national conference, 3-4 days for the region visit, plus travel).

US conductors’ residency in the Philippines will be October 17-27, 2025, with region visits October 18-21, the Philippines Choral Directors Association National Convention Oct. 22-26, and travel days Oct. 17 and Oct. 27.

• To create connections between leaders of the choral community with counterparts across the globe
• To forge stronger relationships between choral associations around the world
• To raise the visibility of the Philippine Choral Directors Association in the global choral community

Selection Criteria - Emerging Conductor

The PCDA International Conductors Exchange Program Selection Commitee is charged with the selection of emerging leaders of the choral profession, who -- 1) have not had significant international conducting experience, and 2) reflect a high level of excellence, as well as a wide diversity of interests.

The ICEP Selection Commitee has developed the following list of criteria.

1. Is a current member of PCDA.
2. Is an active choral conductor in a professional (remunerative) position.
3. Leads choirs with a demonstrated level of excellence.
4. Exhibits a high level of human understanding, tact, and cross-cultural sensitivity.
5. Has a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 20 years conducting a choir.

The delegation should reflect a wide diversity of interests and accomplishments. The ICEP Review Commitee will therefore consider conductors from diverse professional backgrounds (high school, community, elementary, higher education, communities of faith, etc.)


1. Statement of Purpose (PDF document)

Please address your qualifications and desire to participate in ICEP. Please share how your experience in the USA might impact your future work and how you plan to continue to foster the relationships built.

2. Curriculum Vitae (PDF document)
3. Two Letters of Recommendations (PDF documents)
4. Video Submission. See guidelines below.

Application opens no later than May 15, 2024. Application deadline: July 14, 2024.



NOTE: Filipino conductors going abroad are responsible for their own visas & travel to and from the United States of America. You will be hosted while in the USA. PCDA hosts the visiting guests at the National Convention, and provides for their lodging, food, and travel.

Video Guidelines


1. Two selections from different periods.

2. Selections should represent two different languages.

3. Selections should be in contrasting tempo and style.


1. The applicant should rehearse the choir in such a way as to focus on gestural communication, rehearsal technique, and the development of the musical product.
2. The ICEP Selection Commitee will place primary value on gestural language, and an efficient rehearsal technique that displays a positive, inclusive, and collaborative atmosphere with singers.
3. The ICEP Selection Commitee will also place value on mastery of interpretation and effective communication.



1. The camera angle will show a full-frontal view of the applicant and all conducting movements.
2. The choral sound and comments of the applicant must be clearly audible on the video recording.
3. The applicant will begin each selection by announcing the title and composer of the work to be presented.


1. The video recording will not be edited in any manner except to edit the beginning and/or ending of the clip to adhere to the required length, as well as allowing for the inclusion of more than one choir under the applicant’s direction.
2. The video recording will show the applicant conducting and rehearsing for a minimum of twelve (12) minutes and a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes.
3. The time should be divided equally between the two selections.

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